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Chico, Texas

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Company History

St. John Water Well Drilling was started in Chico, Texas in 1968 by B. J."Bill" St. John.
Mr. St. John had been operating a drilling rig in the rock quarries in Chico when he became interested in water wells. He saw a need in the area for water well drilling.
Dad working on the Original Rig
"Blackie" Hamilton Left Bill St. John Right
Our Original Drilling Rig
Original Drilling Rig
His original drilling rig (pictured above) was a Ft. Worth Spudder cable tool type rig. The rig was purchased from "Salty" Hamilton of Wichita Falls who had previously used the rig for oil and water wells. His brother, Jessie "Blackie" Hamilton had operated the rig. At the time he was one of the oldest and most respected water well drillers in the North Texas area. Mr. St. John brought Mr. Hamilton (and the rig) out of retirement. In doing so he benefitted greatly by obtaining a valuable mentor and a vast source of knowledge about the water formations and drilling methods in the north Texas area. Later health problems forced Mr. Hamilton to retire again.
Bill St. John became successful and continued to operate and expand the well drilling business. Later he purchased rotary drill rigs to be able to drill wells faster.
In 1976 he purchased Roto Drilling Inc in Bowie, Texas and moved from Chico to Bowie, Texas.
During his 27 years of operating ST. JOHN WATER WELL DRILLING, he drilled many wells. He loved the work and his customers. He was the "hands on" operator of the drilling rig. The customers loved seeing the owner do the work. It inspired their confidence of getting the best work. He died of a heart attack on the job while drilling his last well on October 25, 1995.
Meanwhile in 1977, Troy St. John, Bill's oldest son, being pursued by Chico residents for service purchased a service rig and started ST. JOHN WATER WELL PUMP SERVICE. Troy had worked from the beginning with his father and had learned the business from the "ground down" and provided service to many customers in the area. Troy later expanded into well drilling and is a licensed master well driller and pump installer.
After Bill's death, Troy had the Bowie phone number of his father turned back on to be able to give customers service and to continue the legacy of his father. Many customers were pleased to learn that Troy would continue in his father's footsteps.
So today continuing the tradition of his father, with 47 years of valuable experience,

Troy St. John continues to provide that same "hands on" experience to the customers.

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